CCI Motion Capture Studio Reel 2019 from Stina and the Wolf on Vimeo.

The UoP Mocap Studio was approached by The Partners and LSO to be part of the development of the new visual identity for the LSO based on the concept of using the actual movement of Sir Simon Rattle to generate imagery for the 2017/18 Season launch. We are very proud to have been part of this amazing project, and especially be able to now tell people about it!

Huge thanks to Vicon for their support on this project, and it was a privilege to meet and work with Sir Simon Rattle. More thanks to The London Symphony Orchestra and The Partners for choosing us to work with, and also congratulations to Tobias Gremmler for his amazing animation work on the final video. Read more about this project LSO: Always Moving

Trailer for Stina and the Wolf: a collaborative student project. Vicon supported us in capturing all of the mocap for this feature length animated film.

This is a studio project carried out to develop quadruped capture

Actor Ace Ruele

A video that we have produced for the @Thesilversabres LED Combat Academy. The mocap was shot in June 2016, and we have been developing all kinds of cool stuff in UE4 for them. This is a pre-rendered video from UE4 showing one of the fight sequences that we recorded.

Students developing HTC Vive VR intergration with realtime mocap feed into Unreal games engine

This is a student project carried out by the students who work in the motion capture studio: Bar Flaring

These videos are from a stunt workshop in Norway, for which our team set -up and ran the mocap, in December 2015

This was a bit of fun we had with professional tap dancer, Lee Payne. Features a live feed of motion capture data into Motionbuilder, virtual set and applied to stand in 'actor'.

The following Videos are newer work created by our student team over the last few years. The first five are from Laura Miller (click link to see more of her videos), and feature a capture of John Paul Debono performing various 'circus' acts. Laura's website can be found here

A fight scene with Lyndall Grant and Andrew Young

This is a mocap showreel from Kristian Kinder, followed by another perfoamnce from John Paul, this time giving us all a challanege by having 'stretchy props'

This video is from John Paul Debono's 'circus' set

These are from James Hood

Testing Real Time into Unreal Engine Today, 1 Character, 1 Prop and 1 Wireless Virtual camera, all working! :)

Posted by University of Portsmouth Motion Capture on Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Fun with Light Sabers at the end of a days motion capture shoot. Big thanks to Lyndall Grant and Andy Young for their performances