The facility is equipped with 20, state of the art Vicon T10 series cameras capturing at 1 megapixel resolution and at up to 250 frames per second.
We use a passive optical marker setup and use near infra red strobes. We have a selection of mocap suits available and especially adapted shoes for our actors to wear in a wide range of sizes.

Our capture volume is 6.5m long by 4m wide and has a ceiling height of 2.5m.

We also have a range of props available from swords through to guns, but if we do not have the prop you require then we can arrange for any item that you can supply to be prepared as a prop for capture.

motion capture trails

The software we use is industry standard and includes Vicon Blade, Motionbuilder, 3ds Max and Maya. We can export motion data in a number of current formats including: FBX, BIPED, BVH and C3D, if you require a specific format not listed then please let us know in advance of any bookings and we will try to accommodate your request. If you are unsure of what type of data you require then our team will be happy to advise the best option suited to your needs.

With use of a cable free virtual camera and virtual environments, in both Motionbuilder and Unreal Engine 4 (utilising Vicon Pegasus) users can pre-virtualise their work in real-time.

Ongoing developments:

We also have a Oculus Rift Dev Kit 2 enabling our students to develop a pipeline for actor immersion.

We are in the process of optimising our finger capture abilities.

With ‘Faceshift’ we can do real-time facial retargeting and currently working to get this head mounted in the near future.

We recently invested in a head mounted camera system for facial reference capture, during performance for use in Faceware for integration into animation.


The Mo cap suite