• >About Us

    Welcome to the University of Portsmouth, Motion Capture Studio.

    We have been involved in Motion Capture for over 10 years, and in that time we have captured all kinds of action from gymnastics, break dancing, martial arts (including weapons) to modern dance and theatrical performances. These performances have been used in a wide range of projects including a full-length feature film, in-game animations, short films & animations, Immersive Reality research & development, human motion research and real-time performances.


    At present we can capture the body performance of up to 6 actors, with fingers and props.


    Our team of student staff will then clean and solve the data for use in wide range of data formats.


    Where to find us:

    The facility is located in the Eldon Building, on the first floor of the East Wing in Room 1.72


  • >Services

    The services we offer are free to any student or member of staff within our university.

    We welcome enquiries from outside of the university.


    Students and staff can access our facilities, by contacting us regarding your interest or needs and then we will allocate a booking for up to 3 hour with our team operating the equipment and software, then cleaning and delivering your data within a reasonable time frame.

  • >Technical Information

    The facility is equipped with 12x Vicon T10 and 8x T10s series cameras capturing at 1 megapixel resolution and at up to 250 frames per second.


    We use a passive optical marker setup and use near infra red strobes. We have a large selection of mocap suits available and especially adapted shoes for our actors to wear in a wide range of sizes.


    Our current capture volume is 25 Sq.m and has a ceiling height of 2.5m.


    We have a treadmill, a range of facial capture solutions as well as a wireless virtual camera; these are examples of our ongoing program of development, research and investment in new and emerging technologies.


If you are interested in finding out more about our facilities please email your enquiries to the team at uop.mocap@gmail.com  Tel: